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I have been training in the martial arts for over 10 years both at traditional and competitive levels. Started training in Kung Fu at Beyond Kung Fu Studios in 2000 under Sifu Paul Condhino and Master Terry Hodgkinson within a year teaching classes and quickly moved up the ranks. In 2005 I completed instructor training and became an instructor in Kung Fu. Since 2005, I have been training privately with Kru Joey de Los Reyes and Kru DJ Dallaire in the art of Muay Thai kickboxing. I have worked closely with Kru Jenypher in adding the culture of the Thai people into my Muay Thai boxing and currently heads the Muay Thai classes at Buckley Jiu-Jitsu and teach classes at Kombat Arts Training Academy where I call home. 2007 I joined the Kombat team and brings his mix of Traditional and K1 style Thai boxing. Using my knowledge I continues to train competitive athletes for both CASK and MMA events. I continue to train privately with Kru Joey and other instructors around to the city to broaden my knowledge of the martial arts and Muay Thai. I also represents Kombart Arts as a CASK Official at many events throughout the year. Certifications Kung Fu instructor (Sifu)- 5 Animal System Poo Choi Kru - Under Ajahn Suchart / Kru Jenypher CASK Level 1 Coach CASK Level 2 Official NCCP Level 2 Coach American Council of Martial Arts Instructor Accomplishments 1st place in Weapon forms at the 2006 Quebec Open 2005 North American Sport Karate Association Champion (NASKA) 2004 and 2005 Crispin Karate Champion 2005 NASKA Top points champion in Sparring, Weapons, and Forms Competed in over 50 tournaments

Congrats to Daniel on his win in Thailand!

Congrats to Daniel Sanchez on his win in Changmai, Thailand. You can see in the video Kru Eddie and Joel Hollands in his corner. Not much to say, besides watch the video… Advertisements

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