Congrats to Kyran and Caroline!

As many of you know, we had a really strong showing at this year’s Canadian National Championships. Caroline Carty gave an awesome performance, losing a very close split decision in the finals, and Kyran Cameron won the 2011 low-kick championship!

Here’s the complete rundown from Poo Choi Kru Brian Naidu:

This was a record year! Over 130 athletes registered for the Nationals this year. Thirty-six clubs and four provinces were represented. Lots of new schools, including both traditional Muay Thai and kickboxing.

Kombat Arts warriors Caroline Carty and Kyran Cameron represented us this weekend. Both trained very hard.

Caroline was in a 4-Woman tournament in the +70 kg LK division. In her semi-finals bout she worked her inside kicks and hands to take the win and move on to the Sunday finals.

Kyran was in a 3-Man tournament, LK division. Kyran showed great technical skills and picked apart his opponent to take the unanimous decision win.

Kyran was the third bout in the afternoon bracket. His opponent in the finals was fresh, having been given a bye to the finals. Once again, Kyran picked apart his opponent to another unanimous win and becoming the 2011 Canadian National Champion!!!

Caroline also competed in the afternoon bracket. This was a closely contested bout. It was so close that an extra round was given to determine the winner. Unfortunately, Caroline wasn’t given the win. This was an exciting bout with both women showing great heart and determination. Caroline, you are a champion.

Thank you for the support from all the trainers and coaches, Sly, Dave, Edgar and Colin, as well Kru Roberto and Kru Joey.

Thanks to all the Kombat students and family that came out to support our athletes.


(Stay posted for more photos soon!)

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